Prayer Spaces and Congregation Details




The MusAllah is located in the John Deutsch University Center (JDUC) in room 232. This is a dedicated Muslim prayer space and has congregations for the 5 daily prayers. The second floor on the JDUC is equipped with ablution areas located near the washrooms.

The following prayer spaces are multi-faith and are open to all, we ask that if you do use these locations that you respect and accommodate any other groups using the space.


Mitchell Hall

Interfaith Room located in room 210 of Mitchell Hall. The second floor washrooms of Mitchell Hall are equipped with ablution stations.


Goodes Hall

Quiet prayer and meditation space; open during business hours.


Stauffer Library

Multi-faith room located on the second floor of Stauffer Library open during business hours.


West Campus

Prayer space located Room A311 in Duncan McArthur Hall.

MacGillivray Brown Hall


Located at 218 Barrie street. Most weekly Jummahs are held here unless previously informed otherwise. The parking is limited to what is available down Barrie and along Earl. If Jummah location is changed announcements are sent out through Facebook and over email.